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Hey, nice to see that you found my web page!   My name is Lisa-Stina Pettersson and I work as a freelance designer and artist, located in Åsa, near Gothenburg, Sweden.  I have a master degree in Industrial Design from Lund University and a passion for drawing. 2007 I started my consulting firm Framot in which I work with CMF design (Color, Material & Finish),  Product graphics, Industrial design and Illustration.

The company goal is to supply clients with commercial design solutions, based on highly creative ideas. During my years working as a professional designer, I have gathered a lot of knowledge about manufacturing methods and how to produce products in a cost-effective way. I always work with the end user as the main focus.

In some projects I help a client throughout an entire product development process. In other cases, I do specific design or illustration tasks such as designing a new part of a product, product graphics, packaging design or making illustrations for a product marketing folder.

My passion is to draw! Under the segment ART and SHOP you can find Art, Prints and Items available for purchase. Most of my illustrations are first hand drawn with ink pencils, then scanned into the computer and completed there.

 If any of this sounds interesting, please contact me to discuss your requirements!


Lisa-Stina Pettersson  Design consultant and Artist

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